Miracle Tele Updates

added April 23, 2019

Miracle Tele has been updated miracletele.com website and it include a new elements such as bi-weekly and monthly rewards scrollbars, which allows you to see how the TELE tokens are growing over the past year and how it should in the near future.

As we can see, the next stage will begin in less than 3 months and, as before, the cost of tokens will grow based on the needs of the telecommunications market and the growth of the subscriber base of MiracleTele.

Earn with MiracleTele

I am glad to present you a project with which I have increased my income over the past six months due to Stacking. On this site you will find full instructions on how and what to do.

Go to miracletele.com

Join Miracle
How to earn €20 per day
Same as €600 per month

If you are If you are a novice smart investor who has no any, this is one of the best chances to start earning online today. First income in 2 weeks! You need to become a MiracleTele subscriber, purchase a certain amount of TELE and earn money by sending your TELE to Stack.

It is so easy, and you become the owner of a real Ethereum smart contract with the Czech telecom operator Miracle Telecom and you can receive part of the company's income to your balance every two weeks.

Go to miracletele.com
How to earn €3000
Monthly rewards

To do this, you will need to purchase about 150.000 TELE and keep them in the Stack, which at the current rate is about € 22,000 or 1,500,000 rubles, which for many is just an astronomical amount ... I calculated how much it would take to acquire in order to gradually get closer to the desired amount in 3000 3000 per month.

Calculations showed that you need to buy about 30%, for example, 60.000 TELE and spend all your income on the purchase of TELE in the first months, so your income will start to grow as if an avalanche and after 6 -8 months will be able to achieve the task

Biweekly earnings
Airdrop right now!
Get 100 TELE for sharing

On April 1, 2019, Airdrop is held on Miracle Tele's website - you can get 100 TELE in just a couple of clicks and use them to understand the process. For those who are looking for how to make money without investments - this is a good chance to start your online business in 5 minutes.

Get 100 TELE
TELE buy - don't yawn
Current toren price €0.20

The company pays 40% of its income, distributing the payment through TELE's own tokens, the income is about euro 20 per month for every 1000 TELE - this is a very interesting offer , which has no analogues in the mobile communications and cryptoindustry in general.


How to get rewards within Miracle Telecom?

Signup and confirm

You must specify your email address, check all the checkboxes and read the terms of use. The password will be mailed immediately after confirming your email address.

Go to MiracleTele
Register account on MiracleTele.com website
Deposit to balance

You can replenish your account balance in one of the ways presented - with a Visa or Mastercard credit card, bank transfer and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash cryptocurrency

Go to MiracleTele
Deposit funds

Buy TELE tokens

You can purchase any number of tokens for the purpose of accumulating or distributing them to the Stack. Tokens that are in the Stack bring the owner an income of 40% of the company's income.

Buy TELE tokens form
Put TELE to Stack

To receive part of the company's income, you need to purchase a certain number of TELE tokens and send them to the Stack. TELE itself, which are on your account balance, does not bring income - only the part that is distributed to the Stack will allow you to receive income every two weeks

Go to MiracleTele
Stack your TELE
Yearly earnings

As an example of how the growth of your profit will look like, I can give you the following screenshot: from September 2018 to April 2019, I constantly acquired TELE for all the income received from the work of the first batch of TELE for about 1,500 euros. As you can see, over the past month, more than 1,000 euros of income accrued on more than 50.000 TELE were released.

All these funds were spent again on the acquisition of TELE and sending them also to Stack. If you are not yet ready to handle large amounts, you can use such a scheme to increase your monthly income.

Signup on miracletele.com
Profit for a few months

The main advantages of the project

Real bi-weekly revenue
10% from each replenishment

The referral system of 10% allows you to earn extra money on attracting new subscribers and users, and with the Stack Your Tele system you can use the Miracle Telecom SIM card for free

Free incoming calls

Internet prices from 10 Euros for 1 GB of data
Prices for calls are incoming for free, outgoing - 0.20 EUR

SMS services
Phone number of any country

You can link one or several phone numbers to your SIM card, including mobile numbers with SMS reception support, a special free service from Miracle Telecom for online SMS reception is worth mentioning.

Top up any phone number
By using tokens or balance

You can pay for any mobile phone with funds from your account balance or TELE tokens

Earn money online
Invite subscribers and users

Becoming a subscriber of Miracle Telecom, you have the opportunity to earn money with little or no effort. To do this, the company has created its own equivalent of shares - TELE tokens, which you can purchase directly in your account

Ethereum contract
Cryptocurrencies and technologies

Even if you have never dealt with tokens and cryptocurrencies, registering on the site you get your own Ethereum wallet, which will be used to store TELE tokens. It also means that you can start your journey into the world of cryptocurrencies, which will inevitably come to everyone.

Short FAQ

The next round of the airdrop and bounty began on March 28, 2019 and will last until May 28, 2019, or until further notice. All information about bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125588.0 Airdrop: https://miracletele.com/airdrop

Q. I want to receive a Private Key from my wallet in the LC / I want to unlock my account
A. You can get the Private Key from the wallet in the LC and withdraw tokens only by making a deposit of € 10

B. My account is frozen / blocked
A. Write in English ONLY from the registration address in support support@miracletele.com

Q.I want to make a deposit in TELE tokens
O.Vam will be available if you unlock your account by making a minimum deposit of € 10 on your LC balance

Q. What is the minimum amount to pay for stacking?
O. € 10

Q. What is stack / stacking?
A. Transfer your tokens on hold for a fee. A reward for stacking is 40% of the company's revenue divided by the total number of tokens in the stack. Paid every two weeks. The current payout value can be found on the site miracletele.com

Q. I want to withdraw my tokens from the stack to the balance in the LC
A. Click on the OFF button of the stacking switch on the Token tab and at the end of the current two-week cycle your tokens will be transferred to the balance in the LC

Q. What will I get for inviting a referral?
O. Referral fees 10% of each deposit made by referral

Airdrop Questions

Q. Why am I not receiving referral tokens?
A. The referral tokens for the ayrrope will be credited to your balance 7 days after completing the tasks and passing the check by referral.

Q. When will I get tokens for ayrdrope?
O. The reward for the airdrop will be credited to the balance of the LC within 24-72 hours after the check.

Q. The tasks on the AyrDrop for some reason are still under review.
A. Fulfillment of tasks is checked within 24-72 hours.

at. I have a problem with Facebook / Twitter links
A. 1. Make sure you send the link from your account on the social network.
2. To set Facebook: make sure your link looks like https://www.facebook.com/YOURUSERNAME/posts/623925401414240
3. Tasks on the phone: delete the link "m" after http: //

Q. What will I get for inviting a referral to airdrop?
A. After completing a referral and checking his assignments, you will be credited with 10 TELE on your LC balance.

Official website: https://miracletele.com
White Pepper: https://miracletele.com/files/whitepaper.pdf
One-pager: https://miracletele.com/files/onepager.pdf
Token Sale Agreement: https://miracletele.com/legal/tokenSaleAgreement

English-speaking support: support@miracletele.com - main (inc. Questions on KYC)

@miracleandrew - Investor / Business relations

Official English chat: https://t.me/miracletelecom
Official English bounty chat: https://t.me/miracletelecombounty
Use the [android 4.4+] mobile app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.miracletele.Miracle

Miracle Profit

added April 02, 2019

I reached an income level of 1000 euros per month and scored more than 60 referrals, bitcoin is growing, and with it my income. Just look at my dashboard... Hooray!

My personal advices for my affiliated Miracle users and all new arrived visitors:

To start earn and be along to the cryptocurrency industry do the next steps:

Signup at the Miracle Telecom website,

Order Miracle SIM, insert to your phone, Activate SIM and use it everywhere for data and calls.

Buy TELE tokens and STACK your tokens for some time - rewards will be available to withdraw bi-weekly.

Regularly buy TELE tokens to get rewards every day, after all it allows you to get more profits from Miracle Telecom. Invite your friends and other users to the project - it’s a way to multiply your earnings from Miracle Telecom.

My personal rewards for last months

Stay online and get passive income

Page updated on December 18, 2018

MiracleTelecom is an innovative project in which you can already participate. Company provides mobile roaming services at the lowest prices.
Free incoming calls worldwide and the lowest prices for 3G/4G internet, as well as the opportunity to become part of the company for each subscriber.

Miracle Telecom sells its own shares - TELE tokens. I used TELE for several months, and my results for December are earnings ~600 Euro per month when i bought tokens for 2000 euros. The internet is pretty cheap for travelling and Iused it on my last trip to Europe and Cannarian Islands. Look at my dashboard for 18 of December

Along with this, the company has big plans, which are described in detail at the roadmap and include the growth of the client base and the introduction of modern communication technologies.

I started the blog to test the effectiveness of creating a network of similar information sites for interesting projects to attract affiliates. At the moment, I have already earned more than €1900 and spent it to TELE tokens again to increase my monthly income. Due to this, I've doubled my tokens in comparison with my first purchase.

Look at my dashboard page on MiracleTelecom project website - on the graph you can see the growth of my income for each month from June to November [updated 18, December 2018] As you can see, it looks promising:

But for attracting referrals, while only 10 euro...=( I'm feeling sad and I suggest you register in the project without any hesitation.

At the moment the amounts are not as big as I would like to see, but one has to start somewhere.

I can give some recommendations to my referrals:
Use Chinese traffic for SIM orders - Miracle SIM is an opportunity to go beyond the boundaries of the great Chinese firewall.

Now, sign up Miracle Tele website, order SIM or just deposit funds and buy some TELE to stack and earn!

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