An easy way to earn money online

Have you ever asked yourself a question: “How can I safely earn money online?” If you are reading this, then, most likely, yes. I’d like to tell you about one of the safest ways to earn money by investing Posted by Melti on October 22, 2018
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Safest ways to earn money by investing

First things first, let me explain, what Miracle Tele does. Miracle Tele is mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), which revolutionizes the telecom industry. They provide top quality call and browsing services, which are powered by the tokens. As a reward to their users and users’ contribution to the company, users get biweekly rewards.

They have minimized the international call and internet usage costs and this project is one of the first BlockChain-powered Telecom companies in the world. Miracle Tele is a unique project, because with big telecom operators and MVNOs, people who profit are only a few members that own the company shares. With Miracle Tele, everyone who stacks their TELE tokens receives profit directly to their Ethereum wallets biweekly.

Start earning now

There are two ways to get TELE tokens and start earning money every two weeks.

Miracle Tele Airdrop

This method requires a small amount of your time, not your money.

1. Create an account at

2. After that, go and talk to the Telegram Bot of Miracle Tele: Follow the bot’s instructions, which are really simple. He will ask you to provide a code, which is linked to your account. This is where you can find that code:

3. Then, simply join this group in Telegram:, and FREE TELE tokens will appear on your page here:

Miracle Tele Deposit

This method is as simple as one, two, three

1. As previously, you have to first create an account at

2. Once you have logged in, you will see the dashboard. Click Deposit on the panel with your Balance, Tokens and Earnings at the top of the page.

3. Now, you just need to select the most convenient way to purchase tokens, such as BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC, wire, or bank card – and make a payment.

4. Now, you can buy TELE tokens and start earning. Go to the dashboard, click on Tokens and then click Purchase.

5. Choose the amount of tokens you want to buy and click on Purchase Tokens.

After getting tokens, stack them

1. After purchasing tokens, you have to stack them in order to start earning. Click on Stack and set the amount of tokens for stacking. Click on Stack and that’s it, now you will be getting money every two weeks.

2. If you want the process to be automatic, leave this option on. It will keep your tokens in stack all the time and you will be continuously getting your money biweekly. You can check, if the option is enabled here.

3. Upon the completion of the 2-week cycle, you will receive your rewards, and you can use the money to do whatever you want. Just withdraw them on the Payout page and that’s it.

If you want to earn more money with TELE tokens, you can purchase more tokens and stack them.

Currently, 1 TELE token costs 0.13€, which is an incredibly low price to start earning by investing.

Why this company is reliable

Miracle Tele provides the lowest prices in worldwide calling and browsing. It is possible, because they use a unique technology, that allows them to power the company using BlockChain. Other telecom companies that provide roaming services use and old and rusty technology, that requires a lot of resources, and as a result, makes it highly overpriced. Also, the competition for Miracle Tele will be close to zero, because currently they are the first to invent such a way of communication. They are aiming to turn this way of powering telecom needs into a standard and greatly reduce costs of communication.

They have signed agreements with dozens of local telecom operators and that lets them cut the infrastructure development costs and therefore lower the costs of services for their users.

What’s more, this way of leading business gives Miracle Tele a smooth, safe entry with low to zero competition onto the market.

They are planning to issue the total of 300.000.000 TELE tokens, and half of them, 150.000.000 TELE will be available for purchase during the sale period.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a part of a revolution in telecom communication and earn money with it.