Cryptocurrency most expensive of official currency!

Cryptocurrency came in our life quite recently but it’s not interfered to be part of life right now! Posted by alyad96 on 26 October, 2018
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What is cryptocurrency?

Now cryptocurrency is a popular way to do a some finance operation and that way most anonymous than anyone other wallet and finance systems. Usually cryptocurrency most expensive of official currency, like dollars and euros. With that cryptocurrency we can pay for telephone connection, internet, make a some purchase in internet and in real life. Not everywhere, but it possible. A few country use cryptocurrency as official currency and in these countries you can pay with cryptocurrency almost everywhere.

Which types of cryptocurrency exist?

Cryptocurrency divide on different types, like:


But exist a type digital currency. It’s call token. Token similar to BitCoin and another cryptocurrency but, token has more specter to use. It can be like payment or transaction method or can be use for identification user or for earn rewards after some action. Today we will use tokens for make money online.

How it works?

Czech company Miracle Telecom start existing recently. But now it’s first company, which start new method interaction cellular communication with business and cryptocurrency, particularly with tokens. This system calls Blockchain Telecom Operator with profitable TELE tokens. The company give you dividends after your token donation in this company. It’s easy and profitably for company and for you.

How earn money online with tokens?

You can make money online on passive mode without additional spending fully free. And, sure, exist second way with additional donation, but profit will be more. Let’s get start.

For make money online you need to register on official web-page: (if you have trouble with registration, you can use this short guide or turn to the support of the site or Telegram chat for information).

Simple registration: put the button “Sign Up”, enter your email address, invitation code, if you have it, check the Terms and captcha and press “Sign Up”. Done! Then, all you need to invest your tokens in company. After that you will earn dividends from company. But you can say: where can I get the tokens? There exist two ways, remember? Free and with some payment.

Free method

You can earn this tokens free, affiliate with different social medias and community. As example, you can join to the telegram group and twitter of some company or organizations and you will get a some rewards in the form of tokens on your ethereum wallet (create this wallet beforehand).

Payment method

You can buy tokens on this or another website. Already exists more various web portals and online cryptocurrency exchange, which can help you buy the tokens for dollars, euros or another currency, both normal and cryptocurrency. For buy, you need to have ethereum wallet, whereabouts tokens will send. After that you can resend your tokens to the company for investment.

Earn money online every two weeks

That’s all. Now, you can just wait. Every two weeks the company gives 40% of all income for you and another investors. This 40% equally divide between all donators. Every two weeks you will earn money online. You can send your rewards to bank account, cryptowellet or and spend this money as you wish, or invest it again and get more profit. Only you can decide.

They are using tokens like payment for donation and for identification users and to be sure what the same user, which made donation will earn rewards. You can be sure this company use the last one secure technology for save investment clients.