How to earn money online with tokens? Easy steps

Miracle Tele. Creating a profit sharing revolution in telecom industry via crypto dividends. A telecom ecosystem where you can stack TELE tokens and get passive income. Posted by Alyad on October 23, 2018
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How to earn money online without expensive courses and scheme

You hear about money from internet everywhere and from everyone, but your awareness is this cases low for earn money online? It’s not! You can make money on passive with head on your shoulders and internet access, that’s all what are you need! The text below can show you how to earn money online without expensive courses and scheme.

Miracle Telecom

Recently, the Czech company, which calls Miracle Tele, created and started a new investment, operator’s and business system. That system works on blockchain technology and called Blockchain Telecom Operator with profitable TELE tokens. It was first project built on this technology.

If you want to know more about this technology and how it works you can visit official website of this company at

Now, it is a stability system by which we will earn money online. Especially we are interested in tokens. If you don’t know what it is tokens, blockchain you need to know more about cryptocurrency and how it works. You can search this information in internet and then you will be aware of this stuff. Sure you can skip this suggestion, because you can earn money without all of this information, but it will be harder than usually.

All you need to that follow the simple steps and be ready to make big money and perform a simple actions. It’s easy and really work, you will make sure about it. So, how you can start? First you need to register on this website.

Step number 1. Sign Up

For start, you need to have account of this system. How you can get it? Easy, just sing up on official site — This registration must be very easy but if you have a some troubles, read this shirt guide:

1. Go to official website:
2. Click on the button “Sign Up”.
3. Enter your Email address.
4. If you have invitation code, click on checkbox and enter it, if you don’t, skip it.
5. Click on a checkbox “I have read and agree with Terms and Conditions” (you can read this Terms on the link, if you don’t agree — leave the site).
6. Check the captcha and press the button “Sign Up”.

That’s all!

Step number 2. Get tokens

For start make money you need tokes, remember? Ok, so where you can get it? You have two ways. You can buy it or you can get it free in different communities. If you wanna buy tokens you can do it from the site or on another platforms in internet. If you want to get it free you need collect this tokes on a different social communities and group, which conduct more competition and especially task (You needed an ethereum wallet for collect tokens). If the tasks will complete, you will get a few TELE tokens. All is simple. When you define which way you wanna use, go to the step 3.

Step number 3. Sent tokens in STACK

Now you have the tokens and all you need to do it’s invest in! Don’t worry, you will invest your tokens in company for future upgrade and evolution. After that you will become a member of the team of company and will be called an investor. Company encourages investors and every month give them 40% of all company’s income per month. This is our income! Every month you’ll have passive income in the form of percentages (40% is divided into all participants).

Step number 4. Advice

If you wanna earn more money you can send your next income in STACK and you will have more profit in the next month. Sure if you don’t want this you can withdraw your money by with bank transfer or ethereum wallet. Every two weeks you will receive dividends which you can use for payment mobile connection, internet, etc. or just save it for yourself or for next invest.

Despite the fact that many people talk how hard make money online, you know that it’s no so hard as you thought and you will see when start checking a simple steps above.