How to Earn Money with TELE Tokens Stack

Become part of Blockchain revolution in telecom and get crypto dividends via TELE token! Posted by Filibuster on October 22, 2018
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Who is Miracle Telecom

Miracle Telecom is a Czech mobile virtual network operator with the headquarter in Prague. At present, Miracle Telecom is offering advantageous services/price ratio to their clients across the globe, allowing them to receive incoming calls for free and to enjoy the Internet abroad with the lowest prices.

What is special about Miracle Telecom

Miracle Telecom was the first Telecom company in the world to launch Blockchain Telecom Operator with profitable TELE tokens. It means that its clients may not only enjoy good services, but increas their profit by receiving reward from the company once in 2 weeks.

What is TELE tokens

It is the basis of Miracle Telecom platform. It is crypto just like any other of this kind, so you can withdraw it from the platform, buy goods for it, keep it or sell it. Also, as it is provided with the telecom operator, you can pay with TELE tokens for your mobile services. WHAT’S MORE - TELE tokens can be the mean of increasing your profit.

Where can I get TELE tokents?

There are several options:

1. From Miracle Telecom

It is important to know that you can buy TELE tokens from the company only by putting money on the deposit first. For that you need to start your account on which is less than a minute and press the button 'Deposit'. Then, you need to choose the suitable way of payment which can be crypto (BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC), wire transfer or payment with the bank card. As soon as your deposit is approved and fulfilled, you can buy TELE tokens.

Please note, that the first deposit should be no less than 10 Euro and it can be approved after 12 hours. Also, in case of paying by bank card the commission will be 3,5 %.

2. Via Airdrops

Often those who are familiar with cryptocurrency world chose not only to wait until the crypto in their wallets will become higher in price, but to get new coins for free by doing small tasks in social media. Good news is that TELE tokens can be also attained by this method. In the Internet you can find out the positive feedbacks of those who received TELE tokens via Airdrop.

3,. From somebody else
You can get TELE tokens if another subscriber will send them to your ETH-wallet. And it is pretty clear, isn’t it?

How can I earn with TELE tokens?

Having purchased TELE tokens you can become a token holder which is something very similar to being a shareholder of the company’s stocks. The company is investing the holders’ fund into developing its functionality and broadening horizons internationally, and is paying to its clients a reward for being a token holder. The reward is paid once in every 2 weeks, and is being distributed from 40% of the company’s profit. After receiving your income, you can manage it as you wish, which means you can withdraw it, buy an international SIM-card of Miracle Telecom or, in case you already use its services as telecom operator, you can pay for the air or the Internet.

How can I become a tokens holder?

No matter what method of attaining tokens you chose, to become a holder and receive rewards you need to register on and start your deposit as described above. Pleasant news is that when you start to register or if you want to have a stack, the company does not require any documents. Terefore, the process of registration and becoming a shareholder is simple and quick. After your deposit is approved, you need to add the tokens into your stack by pressing ‘Stack’ button in your dashboard. After 2 weeks you will receive your first reward, which you can either withdraw, or keep it in a Stack. In case you are going to receive a profit once in every 2 weeks, you need to enable the button ‘Keep tokens in stack’.