Miracle tokens have risen in price

At the moment, the cost of the token has risen by a third to €0.13 Posted by TryCrypto on October 17, 2018
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Good day to everyone!
So, latest news from MT...

Miracle Telecom has increased the cost of TELE tokens from 10 cents to 13 cents - on the one hand, this is not very good news, but, on the other hand, the project is developing and growing - and this is good news for everyone who is already on board.

So, now the cost of tokens has increased and judging by the information on the site, it will continue to grow. At the current stage, there are 33 million TELE tokens on sale, the stage will last until January 14, 2019 and the next day, the cost of the token will be €0.15

It seems incredible, but a TELE bi-weekly reward is a good idea and I’m glad every time a notification arrives.

I also planned to keep you informed about the traffic of this site and how effective it is. Here are the first results:

As you can see, there are more than a hundred registrations for the last few days and as a result only one of all made the purchase of tokens and sending them to the stack.

I'll continue to attract traffic in all possible ways, as well as continue to acquire tokens for funds received as dividends from MT and sharing the information about TELE effectivity as a reward tool

for today October 17

My rewards from TELE: € 1,492