Mobile Virtual Network Operator MVNO

Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a virtual mobile operator that does not have its own equipment. Entry into the communications business, which requires initially high investments and costs, investment in equipment and in its own networks is not required. Posted by Engeneer on October 16, 2018
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From the point of view of the subscriber, there are no differences between the mobile and virtual operators. Because the subscriber receives services, pays money, and this is where his mission ends. If you look at the business model, infrastructure, we can see economic benefits. If a subscriber uses several services from different mobile packages (fixed Internet, fixed telephony, pay TV, mobile communication), then it is more profitable for them to receive them all in one package and at an affordable price, with a large and good discount.

Virtual operators (do not have their own base stations) lease this infrastructure from the base or host operator and provide services on their own behalf.

History of MVNO

The first MVNO emerged in 1999 on the market of the United Kingdom. The regulator obliged operating operators to exchange numbering capacity and frequencies with other firms that sought to be in MVNO in order to interest the competition. The initial MVNO was Virgin Mobile on the One2One network.

Foreign skill of forming MVNO is far from unequivocal. Basically, already after the 1st year of success, the operators of MVNO presented a reduction in profitability.

The project itself was founded 1.5 years ago, now more than 200 thousand people are connected. Thanks to this mobile communication can be used more economically and conveniently. The MVNO provides a single, assembled service package, a single entry point for service, and substantial time savings for the subscriber.

MVNO development in Europe

The number of independent virtual operators in Europe is dominated by Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France and Spain, which account for almost 2/3 of all independent MVNOs. In these countries, as well as in Denmark and Belgium, the total share of MVNO exceeds 10%.

Mobile companies that collaborate with MVNO

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