Use the tokens for making money online

How to make money online? This question interest more and more people every day on the all world. To earn money in internet you need to know answers on a few small questions, like: what is cryptocurrency, how it is work, what it is tokens, etc. Posted by alyad96 on 03 December, 2018
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If you know answer on the first and second question you can skip first and second part and become familiar with third part of post. If you don’t know or you’re not sure in your knowledge about these parts and information content will useful for you, stay in and start from the first point. If you don’t know how it’s work but you don’t want to read all of this text and wanna start to earn money, unfortunately you can’t earn money without base level of information. It’s not complicated, let’s go.

Cryptocurrency (BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum). How it works.

First you need to know: what is it cryptocurrency? How it works? Cryptocurrency it’s a relatively new currency which consist of digital code. This currency can’t be touched but it’s exist in internet. Cryptocurrency obey the no one. This international digital currency and everyone who want can be getter of this currency. If you have internet, PC or laptop and special program you can extract cryptocurrency in chain data. Cryptocurrency has more types, like:

BitCoin (most popular);
Ethereum (starting be popular), etc.

Tokens. What it is and how it works

Second thing it’s tokens. Token - it is a small but important part of cryptocurrency. Token is not cryptocurrency. It’s cell in chain data of process extract cryptocurrency. Simple example: tokens like security papers, when the cryptocurrency it’s money. Very simple - with token’s help you can earn cryptocurrency.

By the way! For start make money you need to register your own ethereum wallet. It’s free! Use to know how, or go to the official website of ethereum

How we can use the tokens for making money online

Now, when you know how it works, you can earn money on the first Blockchain Telecom Operator with profitable TELE tokens web-site

Action 1. Go to the site by the link upper, register (Sign Up - Enter Email - Invitation code (if you have it) - check Terms - check captcha - Sign Up).

Action 2. You need to make deposit to the website in form of tokens. Where you can get it? Exist two ways.
First one - free method. You can join to token dispensation in the different groups of social media, like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc. For example, you can join to the Facebook, set the like and comment. Done! Just send your ethereum wallet and wait for rewards.

The second way - buy tokens. You can buy it on the website of this company or on another platform. After buying you need to send tokens in section “STACK”. It does mean that you invest tokens in company. You did deposit. That’s all. Now just wait.


Every two weeks you will see as company will give 40% of monthly revenue to all investors. This 40% divide to all who made deposit. You will earn a part of your money every two weeks. Done! You can do all what are you with your income. You can withdraw it in back or ethereum wallet or deposit it again for more income next 2 weeks.

Now with a little knowledge and few easy steps you know how make money online with tokens on the Blockchain Telecom Operator with profitable TELE tokens system. You can make your income bigger if you will deposit your tokens for a some time. The you will get passive income in internet online.